About Chris Agee

Chris Agee is an adjunct professor in the greater New York metropolitan area. He teaches a variety of courses in sociology and political science and is the editor and publisher of CovertAction Magazine. For more details on Agee’s work, see his current researchprojects and Curriculum Vitae.

Over the past thirty years, Agee has founded numerous organizations and companies and assisted hundreds of organizations with their organizing, communications, technology and operational strategies. See a partial list of his current and former clients.

Chris has worn many hats in his life including professor, teacher, paralegal, education director, CEO, systems admin, web developer, taxi driver, ice cream scooper and factory worker…perhaps that’s why, on occasion, some people call him a renaissance man.

Chris lives on the north shore of Long Island with his family where they enjoy spending time together in both urban and rural settings. They especially enjoy getting together with family and friends. In their free time, they love exploring ethnic dining, travel, cultural events and museums. When they can, they like to swim, sail, kayak, canoe, bike, hike and enjoy a lovely sunset now and then.