In addition to research and teaching, Chris is working on various projects outlined below.

Covert Action Publications, Inc.

Together with former CovertAction Quarterly writers and publishers, Agee is relaunching CovertAction Quarterly as CovertAction Magazine. After having published the magazine out of his New York City midtown office in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Covert Action Publications, Inc., a not-for-profit New York corporation, has relaunched and is now publishing online and distributing the full back-issue sets.

Twenty-eighteen was the 40th anniversary year of the initial launch of CAQ, originally called CovertAction Information Bulletin. The relaunch team includes co-founder, publisher and writer, Louis Wolf, as well as other investigative journalists, professors and organizers who worked with the magazine in the past. The team specializes in, among other areas, covert action, intelligence, political economy, imperialism, repression, racism and discrimination, surveillance, labor, and social justice.

They are also republishing Philip Agee’s books and papers, and working on a documentary and feature film on his life and work. All proceeds for the above projects will go to support the work of Covert Action Publications. Donations to support this work are warmly welcomed.

Amicus Consultants, Inc.

Chris formed Amicus Consultants in 2015 to assist with, among other things, various humanitarian projects including those listed below.

Zambia Project
Peter Frederiksen and Lisbeth Svendsen, two very dedicated and courageous Danish humanitarians, came up with the project and are working with the various Zambian ministries and local authorities to begin implementation. They recently returned from Zambia after a three week fact-finding mission and plan to return as soon as they can raise the funds to do so. Stay tuned for updates.

Venezuela Project
In conjunction with Global Health Partners, Amicus organized an international team of experts to deliver medicines-for-oil to Venezuela. Esmil Quijada and Jesus Velázquez are in-country working out the details with various ministries of the Venezuelan government.